A Comprehensive Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Solution

Gap Analysis

We manage security risks and threats through exploiting gaps and vulnerability assessments across a company’s assets. Our analysis will provide a comprehensive view of an organization’s security posture.

Incident Response Management

We will put a plan in place for your organization by planning, preparing and walking through a full data breach scenario from start to finish. We work with you to find the most appropriate technology that suit the needs of your business.  Our incident response team will help fill in the gaps in your network to reduce the risk to your company being breached. All the preparations in the world can still leave you vulnerable to a breach. Many say that a breach is inevitable, but the difference is whether or not you anticipate such a breach.

Vulnerability Assessment

Social Engineering

Security Risk Management

Phishing Assessments

Information Security

Security Policy Review

ISO 27001

Mobile App and Device Security

Data Breach Prevention

Design and Assess Insider Risk Programs

Digital Forensics


Consultancy and Training

We provide cyber security, digital forensics and IT Governance training and security awareness courses for financial institutions, educational institutions and government offices. Our cyber security training will educate staff and other members efficiently and will make sure they have access to relevant and accurate industry information. It will help to build a foundation for the trainees to maintain a cyber security vigilance strategy, make informed decisions and stay competitive in the industry. The training will prepare students, employees and officials to build knowledge and gain skills in cyber security. It will help stakeholders analyse and end gaps that put an organization’s cyber security at risks. Caspar Nepal offers end-to-end cyber security consulting that helps to benchmark safety measures and strengthen weaknesses for robust defences to protect confidential and proprietary information from data security risks such as malicious insiders, network vulnerabilities’ and inadequate security policies. We are committed to enact thought leadership through development of Best Practices, Standards and Frameworks and publication of Studies, Surveys and Papers. Our consultancy services will help to build Capacity in Cyber Security, Privacy, Information Assurance and Digital Forensics through training and certification of individuals and professionals in including training of law enforcement agencies and judiciary.

We provide forensic software training’s from the following vendors.

Access Data









Caspar Nepal is a Nepal based Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Company servicing clients throughout Nepal. We provide consulting services and also assist clients to understand the sources of evidence for litigation and production requests. We provide solutions to assist organizations that are faced with increasing numbers of situations where digital evidence or electronic data plays a crucial role in their everyday operations.

We engage with stakeholders through various Outreach initiatives including trainings, awareness programs, events, awards, chapters, consultations and membership programs in regards to Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.

We provide quality training and adhere to international practices and standards. The contents in the training/workshops will help employees/individuals to understand different types of cyber attacks and perform security checks to foster the overall security posture. Our training/workshops assists the progress of security-minded behavior so that possible security attacks are circumvented, ensuring your assets and reputation remain secure. Our Security Awareness programs helps you provide relevant, easy-to-understand, security training for key audiences: your employees, contractors and patrons. This frees up your staff to focus on their core competencies and support your strategic initiatives.

Vision Statement

To be a leading industry body for making cyberspace safe, secure and trusted.by providing superior cyber security services to out clients and maintaining a challenging and approachable work environment for our employees.

Mission Statement

To develop capabilities, standards and competency, in collaboration with all the stakeholders including the government, required to make a progressive step towards a safer, more secure and trusted cyberspace for our clients by delivering top notch, outstanding and innovative information assurance and cyber security services and solutions.

“We believe our clients deserve outstanding services and superior outcomes.”


Caspar Nepal employees a team of highly qualified and trained individuals who are specialists in their area of expertise. With qualified cyber security specialists, digital forensic investigators, eDiscovery managers and information security consultants, the experts are well placed with their wide range of skills and experience to respond to requirements of our clients. The experts are fully trained and experience in using forensic software’s such as EnCase and Forensic Toolkit, as well as proficient in different programming languages such as Java, Python, Pearl, Kali Linux and more. Our experts are highly qualified in the field of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics possessing a Master’s Degree in the field accredited by British Computer Society for Chartered IT Professional (CITP). They also possess industry-leading credentials and key certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CyberSecurity Forensics Analyst (CSFA), Accessdata Certified Examiner, Microsystemation XRY Logical Extraction, CompTia A+, Network +, Security +. The experts specialize and understand the challenges of protecting an organizations electronic data and can efficiently conduct information security assessments to provide a framework of an organizations security posture.

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